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Francesca Vailati, MD, DMD, MSc


Complete adhesive reconstruction at abradated teeth.


General partner




  • 25.7.2014 BVV, Brno, sál Rotunda (theoretical part)
  • 26.7.2014 Brno – place will be added later (practical part)


  • To 31.12.2013 CZK 5.999,- (theoretical) CZK 6.999,- (practical)
  • To 30.3.2014 CZK 6.999,- (theoretical) CZK 7.999,- (practical)
  • To 30.6.2014 CZK 7.999,- (theoretical) CZK 8.999,- (practical)
  • To 1.7.2014 CZK 8.999,- (theoretical) CZK 9.999,- (practical)
  • For students (daily studium) CZK 3000,- 

Francesca Vailati, MD, DMD, MSc.


After acquiring medical title in 1996 on university in Bari (Italy) she studied in USA where she acquire title on University of Pensylvania (USA) in year 2000. She successfully graduated  University of Connecticut(USA) in 2003. After return to Europe in 2003 she started work on Swiss University of Geneva – Department of Fixed Prosthodontics and Occlusion with Dr. Urs Belser.

At the present  Francesca Vailati work in her private office; specialization: esthetics and maintain stomatology and prosthetics. She focus on implantology and themes connected to complete adhesive reconstructions in her publishing.


Teeth erosion is very underestimated patology, which is spreding in younger population. Patients with extensively destructed dentition are great challenge for treatment. Improved adhesive techniques allow maximum maintain of teeth tissue and ensure present estetic impression.

3 steps technique: 3 laboratory steps with following 3 ordination steps will guarantee mutual control for achiving desired target

  • 1st step – esthetics evaluation, determinating the plan of occlusion
  • 2nd step – reconstruction of distal sections, determinating high of occlusion
  • 3rd step – esthetics of frontal teeth, determination of canine tooth line

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